Friday, August 24, 2007

Weirder still

Okay, so I went out to my favorite bar in Great Barrington tonight and somehow everybody had already heard about how I was claiming to have run over a girl's body in the woods that morning, and how the body had then disappeared. Most people were sympathetic to me, although I'm sure to some it sounded like the mother of bad excuses for being late to work. I asked around about V, not mentioning that she had been the girl I'd seen, but nobody seemed to know anything about what she was up to. Then this guy in a suit walks up to me at the bar and says he knows what happened to V, that she joined up with this cult called Engine that has been operating out of the G.E. plant up in Pittsfield. And then he tells me that the cult is being run by Oslowe, the same guy I knew from back in college days. I ask him how he knows all this, and he tells me he works for Time Magazine and he's been trying to infiltrate Engine for a story he's doing. Apparently Engine is having a press conference tomorrow, and they are going to talk about this new cable channel they are launching. The guy tells me that Oslowe is going to be featured in one of their programs doing his mind reading routine to draw in prospective recruits. Then he asks me to go to the press conference for him and help gather information.
Now I'm not saying this looks like my big break, and a chance to get in on a once-in-a-lifetime story, but it sure feels that way. So tomorrow I'm going to this press conference, as an assistant to a big time reporter. I'm so excited, I don't think I'm going to sleep much tonight.
I'll be back tomorrow to tell you what happens!

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