Friday, August 17, 2007

Conspiracy Musings

There's something about Friday afternoon that just seems to shut down the drive to work. I'm thankful for this. It means that everyone's gone home already and left me here to just fuck around by myself. I've spent that last hour or so watching September 11 conspiracy stuff on YouTube. Pretty much I'm convinced it was an inside job at this point. Larry Silversein, the real estate developer that bought the Twin Towers in the spring was in a position where he had to remove all the asbestos or the damn things were going to get shut down. A multi-million dollar operation for sure. He rewrote the lease and added incredible amounts of terrorism insurance. When the buildings went down, he made about 7 billion dollars. Lucky guy, huh? There's also building 7, which held all the information and evidence about Enron, etc. that was not even hit, and had a few fires burning inside. I saw a video of Silverstein saying that they decided to "pull it", a term for planned demolition. And then it fell in seconds, exactly like you would expect from an implosion. Same thing with the towers, there was molten steel underneath the whole area for weeks afterward. Jet fuel isnt' hot enough to melt steel, but tourmaline is. There is no way that those towers could have fallen in seconds like that from a mere fire on a few floors. It goes on and on. There is so much more evidence that the whole thing was planned then that it happened the way the government says. Mountains of it.
I'll bet the planes they used werent' even really the hijacked ones, and that they're going to find a secret camp someday where all of the people from the hijacked airplanes really ended up. That's a story I would really love to get the scoop on!

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