Monday, August 27, 2007


Can you believe it? They fucking fired me! And I was just doing my job! Pete said he didn't want to do it but he had no choice, something about nipping potential lawsuits in the bud. There was no arguing, nothing I could do. Man, was I pissed at that phony from Time Magazine, telling me all that shit and none of it was true. I guess it's my fault for believing him though. Why on earth did I ever listen to some asshole hanging out in a bar in the first place? And I should have kept my mouth shut at that press conference at the very least.
I went directly home and moped all day. There have to be other jobs around here that I can snag. Maybe I can make a living playing music. Yeah, right. That's a joke. I couldn't even buy my way into a gig at Club Helsinki, and I know the guy personally. Too depressing, that's what I keep hearing. At least The Iron Horse in Northampton was willing to take a chance on us last year. Although it's been hell trying to get another show out of them. Anyway, I used the extra time to finally put some music up on our Myspace page, where I've been repeating these blog posts since Friday. You can check it out at

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