Tuesday, August 28, 2007

On to exciting new things!

Most people that write blogs go on and on about everything they can think of, informed by IMDB, ALLMUSIC.com and all things Google, dropping myriad pop culture references and theories. Sometimes I'm in the mood to do that, like now. Something that fascinates me is the role of drugs and decadence in cult films. "Performance" came in today on my Netflix and I immediately watched the whole thing. It was great to escape for a short bit. It is an amazing celluloid display of decadence. Mick Jagger was literally fucking Keith's girlfriend Anita Pallenberg on camera while the Stones guitarist waited outside the set in his Bentley. It was the like the cult of Jagger captured for movie audiences. That film destroyed everybody involved. James Fox, who played the gangster, went on a religious bender for ten years, co-director Donald Cammell killed himself, Michel Breton died not long after, but the Stones survived and thrived.
I must be thinking about all this because of what happened to me today. After getting fired yesterday, then finding out that I was right about Oslowe and Engine, I got a call from the Time Mag guy this morning. We met and he told me that I wasn't supposed to open my mouth at the press conference, just take notes. Okay, so I fucked up. Then he offered me another chance. He wanted me to join a certain underground organization that will remain nameless, and help him write a story about it. I'd get three thousand dollars and a byline on the piece. I jumped at the chance. I had no other immediate job prospects and he was offering enough money to pay my rent for six months as well as a foot in the door at a major magazine. How could I possibly turn him down? It will only be for a few weeks, and then I'll just get out of there and collect my money. I told my plan to this guy Lent later on in the afternoon, and he told me I was nuts. He had been V's boyfriend back at The Rock and the two had spent some time in this same organization. Lent had gotten out early, and left V there, because at that point they had broken up. But he told me that there was no way I could just leave, and that the effects of the place would fuck my brain up for good. I didn't really listen to him, becasue I think he's just jealous. He's written his own book about cults and it didn't get much attention. But after watching "Performance" I have to wonder if maybe he isn't right, maybe an experience like this could really mess me up but good. But I have to do it anyway. As insane as it is, it could be the boost that gets me out of this little podunk berg.
So starting tomorrow I will be taking a hsort sabbatical. Wish me luck. I will try to keep this thing going with mobile blogging, for as long as I can get away with it. With luck I'll be out in a few weeks and have a lot more to talk about. Maybe like the Stones I'll survive and thrive.


Pol Thornton

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