Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Vicodin Daydream

I found some pills in my drawer from some operation I had a while back, I think it was for hemorrhoids. Man, that sigmoidoscopy or whatever it was, was some nast shity, staring at your own personal discovery channel trip up your pooper on a huge color TV as the doctor goes colon spelunking, ramming it up the ol rectum to the place where the sun will never shine. Often wondered what poor sigmoid did to deserve getting his name attached to such a horror show. Couldn't have been worse than what Felch did to make R. Crumb create a comic about him and say that his name meant the oral retrieval of semen from a sodomized rectum. Anyway, found myself feeling so narcoleptic at work today that I popped a few of the vicodins I had, and immediately went all woozy. Nobody seemed to notice, and I doubt very much if my "work" was affected. Although I think my blogging has been.
Late again this morning. I told the boss I was allergic to my pillow, and hadn't been able to sleep until I figured it out sometime in the early morning. It was the most ridiculous thing I could think of, but actually had been used once as an excuse by a guy who worked at a paper in Boston. I'd heard about it from someone (who will remain nameless) and figured if I could deliver it with a straight face it would be golden.
My band Train Out Of Body sounded kickass last night, if you were wondering. Okay, maybe it's only me and another guitar player, but we're doing some good work. Again, I will let you know when I get the MYspace stuff happening.

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